Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Universal Nerf merges with NM&R!

We are pleased and excited to announce that while this blog won't see any further updates, we will be continuing our mission here at Universal Nerf at a much more visible home:  Nerf Mods & Reviews!  The modmin team from UN will be working with jerm781 at NM&R to continue to feature user-submitted works like we have done here.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to this humble blog up to this point.  We have enjoyed featuring and sharing your works and we will keep this blog open to continue to feature those works.  Feel free to submit your new works to NM&R and the same friendly staff that worked for you here will get them loaded up on the international stage that this new home provides!  We are all so grateful for the support and interest you have shown to us here and we look forward to serving you at our new home!

Go to Nerf Mods & Reviews to submit your works to be featured!  Happy Nerfing!!

~The Universal Nerf Modmins

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a Gray House - Custom Accessories: Modified tactical vest

This may appear to be an ordinary tactical vest. However, a Gray House has converted this vest to do more than just hold six dart clips, darts, and maybe a small pocket blaster.

We have a ton of pictures of this beast, so check out the details and images past the jump!

Pause: Modified Airtech 3000

Pause sent us this one in awhile ago and all three of our modmins have been slackin, so here's a not-so-new one!  Sorry for the delay!  It's a great mod on a classic blaster.  Click the link he provided for more info.
One of my first complete overhauls on a blaster.  This was a relatively quick and easy mod and the results are outstanding.  I suggest everyone find an Airtech 3000 to mod.  More info and pics at:
 If you would like to see stuff featured on here, drop us a line at with your submission!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a Gray House - Custom Accessories: Recon Holster

Wow. We have a HUGE submission from a Gray House, who sent us information and photos of his custom Nerf accessories. The email was so long, we decided to spare you a long post and give each accessory its own post! If the top image doesn't tell you already, these custom made accessories are sharp looking, so read past the jump for a better look at it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

BullsEyeNerf: Stinger Pumpsnap

This is the first homemade blaster we've had submitted and, while I'm usually not a fan of these, it's got a nice paintjob to go along with it.  It even has a mounting point on the back for capturing footage during games.  Check it out!

In the yellow circle I'm eventually going to paint a killer bee.
I did it based off NerfOMania's design. Love the performance (about 100ft flat with domes.)
For my first time taping and using vinyl dye, I say I did pretty good.
It's also my first homemade. Awesome camera mount to capture war footage. 
It doesn't really shake when priming of shooting. 
It came out really nice and I'm proud. 
There is foam on the priming handle and trigger for comfort.
It uses a hopper or anything else you can use with a  PVC coupler.
Over all it turned out really cool. 
Remember, Patience makes Perfect!

Check out BullsEyeNerf's YouTube Channel while you're at it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Darthrambo: Firefly Alpha Trooper

Here's an awesome one from the realm of the Darthness.  It's a cosmetically modified Alpha Trooper with a bit of a neat twist to it:  inbuilt Firefly Tech.  Instead of having the clip charge your darts, there's an LED inside the Alpha Trooper that'll charge glow-streamlines in any standard clip.  Darthrambo's Alpha Trooper is a great looking blaster with a smart take on the Firefly Tech system.

"Just the standard stuff for functionality but I did some stuff cosmetically.  LEDs, Tac light tac rail attachment with UV LEDs, White LEDs, and laser.,  Faux leather grip and some paint. On a side note if i replace the led for the jam door with a UV, it will make this a firefly AT that can use any clip."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neo Creations: Longshot CS-6


Well. Here's one spectacular Longshot. Painted by Neo Creations, this puppy took over six hours of his life, and it shows. That metallic blue is a great choice, and the combination of that with the copper and steel looks fantastic. If you're curious about the inside, it has received the basic AR and dart peg removal treatment, fixing its horrible swollen AR problem (ARitis, if you prefer).

More pictures over on his blog. He's planning on putting it up on Ebay later this week, so if you really like it, consider buying it! (And you'll be supporting the arts!)